Skull Crusher (2016)

You can download or stream Skull Crusher from the multiple sites below, depending on which service(s) you are subscribed to/familiar with.


* NOTE - If you are purchasing the album with the purpose of hooking AGGRESSOR up with funds, in addition to obviously getting a sweet album, you can save a little cash as well as get the most cash to AGGRESSOR possible, if you do these steps...

1. Go to AGGRESSOR's Bandcamp page and click on "Buy Now name your price"
2. Enter a price of $0.00
3. Download the album
4. Click on the donate button below and donate the amount of money you would like to pay for the album
5. Rock out to AGGRESSOR's new album! \m/


Also available on Medianet, Microsoft Groove, and 150+ smaller distributers, so maybe you'll find it somewhere else!

And of course, the only place where you can give a penny for the entire album, or $10 per song. Or if you don't have any money, just name your price of $0.00 and get the album for free!

Of course we would prefer that you help support AGGRESSOR, if even a dollar, so AGGRESSOR can continue to grow and bring more metal to the masses, but just downloading AGGRESSOR's music is sufficient support. The more ears that hear AGGRESSOR, the more AGGRESSOR can grow!!! \m/
Link to album on Bandcamp


* Services like iTunes, Google Play, etc. take their percentage of the sale. Bandcamp does as well, but obviously there is no percentage of nothing. If these services are the method that  you use to get your music, than by all means, don't let us stop you! \m/


[Official Music Video]


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